Thursday, 30 January 2014

Welcome to Methinks! Here's An Introduction

Hi there. I'm Tom, also known on Youtube as BritishInvasion91 (that is, until Youtube forces me to use my real name...I wish they'd stop asking me already). A few years ago, I was having a late-night conversation with my good friend and cousin of mine. We talked about the prospect of me starting a blog. I ended up starting a Youtube channel instead, but the thought of a written blog still remained. So, a few hundred weeks later, I've finally gotten around to setting it up. It's been a long journey; I'm a chronic and hopeless procrastinator.

So, a little bit about me. I'm in my early twenties, American, and living in the UK. I moved to the UK in summer of 2012 on a fiance visa. At the time of my immigration, US law would not permit my long-distance partner, George, to move to the US and become my legal spouse. At least, not to our knowledge (who knows, there may have been some sort of legal loophole to make it happen, but I was growing tired of my home, Utah, and was more than willing to move to the UK and start a new chapter in my life). I got married in summer of 2012, and I received my spouse visa, which allows me to currently live in the UK legally. I live with my husband, and as of January of this year, our furry son-a kitten who goes by the name of Walt Jr. (Junior for short).

I was born into a strongly LDS (Mormon) family, and I believed in it until my mid-teens. Around the age of twelve, I began to have doubts and nagging concerns. I tried to put these worries out of my head, and for the most part, I succeeded for a few years. At age sixteen, however, I had done enough research, soul-searching, and questioning to realize that the Mormon way of life was not for me, to put it mildly. I stopped going to church, and shortly thereafter, "came out" as gay. This proved to be a difficult time in my life, but I did my best to get through it. At age 18, I officially removed my name from the church records. It would be wrong to call me an inactive Mormon; I am an ex Mormon. If you stick around and follow my blog, though, you'll quickly find that that is just one small part of me. I pride myself in being a well-rounded person, and I try to do my best to experience new things and see life from different points of view. I hope you'll join me on my journey through this blog!

Here are a couple of links to get you started, in case you wanted to put a face and voice to the blog (they open in a new window).

My Youtube channel

Exiting Mormonism series on my channel


  1. Hi Tom,

    I saw your YouTube videos and had some questions I thought you may be able to help address. Where may I contact you?

  2. Hello Tom, I am not sure you still get on here... saw a few of your YouTube videos and was interested in asking a few questions if you have time... if not it’s cool I also wanted to say ur absolutely cute af and your star wars videos are awesome so are your other videos lol... well best of luck and hope I hear from you :)